6 Problems Good Design Solves

April 2, 2019 / Phil Manning - PMDC

By its very nature, design is purposeful, strategic problem solving that can have a major impact on every business, from the mom & pop on Main Street, to the ultra-mega-super-duper multinational conglomerate.


Here are 6 problems that good design can solve for any business:


1. Branding

Many businesses make the mistake of not spending time or money on telling their unique story, or their brand, from the get-go. Branding, by the way, covers everything about your company, from the colors

and fonts used on your collateral, to your logo, your messaging, company jargon, and beyond.

Investing in a professional designer will go a long way in helping you establish an unforgettable

brand that generates results.


2. First Impressions

Simply put, good design get’s your foot in the door. When consumers see a well laid out website that’s easy to navigate and quickly gets them to where they want to go they’re more likely to stick around and make a purchase, immediately or even at a later time. Good design also creates a sense of trust and confidence in the minds of your audience, helping to insure that they’ll come to you for your product and services.


3. Lead Conversion

Good design is about being effective, and that means creating a website that entices visitors to take action, like clicking or submitting contact information.


4. Visualize

Good design can tell your customers how something works, how to get somewhere, or how they interact with a product you’re selling.


5. Differentiate

Small businesses face stiff competition, not just locally, but globally. Good design can really distinguish

and set you apart even on the world stage. Most small businesses have to have at least one differentiator in order to be competitive. It might be customer service, it might be your pricing, but it can easily be your top notch visuals.


6. Save Money

Businesses, large or small, that don’t seriously integrate graphic design at the beginning of a process

will more than likely end up paying for it at the end. Just remember that quality design has longevity.

Yes, good design can be a large investment at first, but its effects can be felt through increased

recognition, positioning, and revenue.




Phil Manning is the owner of PMDC, an award winning one-man graphic design agency based out of Madison, Indiana. Phil counts many local small businesses as clients, but has also done work for large corporations like Humana, Honda, Sango of Japan, and Uber. Phil is also a design educator, lecturing students

and businesses on the importance of design, as well as teaching visual communications classes at Ivy Tech Madison.