food venture

Cook up success with our commercial-grade kitchen, which comes stocked

with the equipment your food-based business needs to get your product out.


Thinking of starting a food business? Have you thought about an incubator? Food Venture is designed with your success in mind whether you’re just starting out or you have a fast growing company looking to expand. Production is a breeze in our USDA Certified, fully equipped, 5,200 square foot, shared-use commercial kitchen.

USDA certified facility

Tilting Kettles (10 and 6 gal.)

Meat Slicer

Steam-Jacketed Kettles (60 & 40 gal.)

Convection Ovens

Prep Areas

Cook ‘n Hold Oven (300lb capacity)

Baking Proofer

Mobile Stands

Gas Range

Mixers (20 & 60 qt.)

Dry Storage

Deep Fryer

Baker’s Tables

Chilled Storage

ready to start cookin'?

If you're still on the fence about starting up your food-based business in our well-equipped kitchen facility, see what a couple of our clients, Chimera Brands and Mother's Grilled Wings, have to say about working out of VOBC's commercial kitchen.


Below, you'll find downloads for the kitchen policy agreement, pricing sheet and a special starter pack offer for new food-based business to take advantage of.

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